Fashions tend to change frequently. Almost every year. Some trends come and go within a matter of months. But, the year 2020 has been very different for the fashion industry. There is a strange addition to our everyday needs; face masks. Due to the pandemic, the world had to adapt to the new requirements to live; which includes social distancing, use of sanitizers, and use of surgical face masks.


Following are the reasons for face masks to be a part of the new fashion trend:

Surgical face masks

At the start of the pandemic, people started buying and stocking surgical face masks as they had become an everyday necessity. At first, when the demand for masks increased, two or three different colors of the surgical masks could be seen in the market. But, things changed. 

Fabric masks

Within months, the small business owners started selling their products- fabric face masks. During the beginning months of 2020, several online shops sold fabric facemasks. 

Production by textile industries

As months passed by and the pandemic continued, so did the need to wear masks. This is when it became a part of fashion. Most of the textile industries started the production of their masks. Each business owner came up with unique styles and patterns on the face masks to attract customers. Many variations of the masks can now be seen around the market.

Part of everyday fashion

People have now started matching their masks to their outfits. As there are countless options to choose from, people have started buying different types of face masks to suit them on different occasions. It is now a part of everyday life and fashion. 

The emergence of facemasks in the fashion industry was not a trend but rather a necessity. No one knows yet how long the use of masks will continue. So in the near future, we can expect even more new businesses and growth in the production of masks. And also see lots of new variations and additions to it!